How To Take The Perfect Selfie

How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Welcome to 2017 and the selfie is everywhere – all over social media and on everyone’s phone. We all do it. We have more access to photography than we have ever had, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the images are any good. If you want to make the most of your selfie, follow our quick and easy tips for the perfect selfie. (more…)

Guide To Creating A Photo Book

Guide To Creating A Photo Book

People have realised over the last few years that they’re taking more photos than ever before, but no-one’s seeing them. Gone are the days of eagerly waiting for the holiday snaps to come back from the developer and flicking through them with friends and family, and the days of photo albums are consigned to history. Or are they? (more…)

Places In Ireland To Take Your Mum For Mother's Day

Places In Ireland To Take Your Mum For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to spoil your mum and confirm how much you love her, so start making your plans now. If you ask her, she will probably tell you that she does not want a big fuss; however, this is the perfect occasion to thank her for everything she does for you. There are also plenty of special ‘understated’ options, so have a think about whether you want a big family day out or a more intimate afternoon tea for two. (more…)

A Canvas Print Is The Perfect Valentine's Day Present

A Canvas Print Is The Perfect Valentine’s Day Present

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s hard to think of a thoughtful gift that hasn’t been done before. Of course, receiving flowers and chocolates is always a good thing, but this year why don’t you make your gift something more personal that shows how much you love your other half? A canvas print is a unique way of letting your Valentine know how much they mean to you, and can include many different images to suit. (more…)

8 Fabulous Personalised Christmas Gifts

8 Fabulous Personalised Christmas Gifts

When you are struggling to decide what to buy for a relative, loved one or friend at Christmas, then help is at hand. What better gift could there be than one that has been personalised using photographs of the recipient’s nearest and dearest and has been designed specifically with them in mind? Here we look at eight wonderful and personalised Christmas gifts which are bound to be a hit, no matter who you give them to. (more…)

Ireland’s Top 5 Santa’s Grotto’s

There are few things more magical for a family at Christmas than experiencing Santa’s Grotto. Wherever you are in Ireland, from late November to Christmas Eve, some of the country’s most exciting and beautiful festive attractions are open for business. Browse five of the finest examples below, to start the festive season in style. (more…)

Places To Go On New Years Eve

Places to go on New Year’s Eve

If you want to get out of town this New Years Eve, then look no further than our own beautiful country!

From magnificent Mayo to decadent Donegal, the Emerald Isle has all sorts of things going on. So, whether you want a quiet weekend away or a party full of fireworks and friends, theres sure to be something youll love. (more…)

The Best Digital Cameras 2016

The Best Digital Cameras 2016

Whether you’re a professional photographer who relies on a good camera to get you through your working day or you’re a novice learning the trade – a good, reliable camera is a must.

The problem is, theres that many options out there it’s hard knowing which are the best on the market. Don’t worry though, because we’ve scoured the market and found 2016’s best options, just for you. (more…)

Big Brother 2016 Meet The Contestants Infographic

The 2016 edition of Big Brother is underway with a brand new cast of contestants for us to love or loath. The popular show is back on Channel 5 with a brand new twist this year as their is now two houses. The main house contains 12 housemates whilst the second house contains 6 edgier characters who will watchover the main house with the ultimate goal of winning a place in the house themselves, these are known as “the others”. Each of “the others” have a link to a housemate in the main house and as these connection are made know, their is sure to be trouble to follow.

Below we have created an infographic to help you get to know each contestant a bit better. We with them all luck and hope you enjoy this years show and let us know in the comments what you think of the new format and also who your early favorite is. (more…)

Ireland Rugby World Cup Squad Infographic

Ireland’s Rugby World Cup Squad Infographic

With the 2015 Rugby World Cup upon us, we have put together this great infographic looking at the Irish squad which has the hopes of the Emerald isle on their shoulders going into the tournament. We have broken the squad down by position and also show the amount of international each position have highlighting the experience the Ireland have in certain areas of the field. We wish the players mentioned below good luck as they set out to bring the Webb Ellis trophy back to Ireland. (more…)

PixaPrints Gotham Infographic

Infographic: Gotham – Guess Who’s In The Bat-Signal

If your a fan of the Batman franchise or the Gotham TV series then the quiz in the infographic below should be pretty straight forward. If the clues are little to difficult for you we have included the answers at the bottom. Some of the most famous Gotham residents are hiding in the bat-signal, it could be Penguin, catwoman or even Batman himself. Enjoy figuring out who it is.

Personalise Your Galaxy S5 With The New Snap On Cover

Samsung has finally unleashed the Galaxy S5 on the world, updating and improving upon its previous flagship smartphones in numerous ways.

The most significant differences are of course under the skin, where a Snapdragon 801 chipset delivers quad core power with a 2.5GHz clock speed and 2GB of RAM. On the outside, Samsung has been a little less adventurous, with a polycarbon chassis that is similar in construction to the previous generation, together with a metallic-style trim to hint at its premium positioning. (more…)

Different Variations Of Canvas Printing

Canvas Corners

Canvas Corners

Canvas prints are a very popular addition to homes, offices and public places all over the world. Cheaper and lighter than many traditional heavy framed, glass fronted wall furnishings, canvas prints offer a great alternative for any wall and there are a number of different styles to choose from, whether you decide to do it yourself or purchase a print based on your own design. (more…)