Creating Your Own Phone Case

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If you’re looking for a new phone case, why not make your own? Choose your own design, add a photo and get it delivered to you easily and quickly. Simple! Here’s how to do it.

Where to start

Pixa Prints offers a wide range of cases for a multitude of phones. Start by selecting the make and model of your phone from the options given, and all of the design options will appear on the next page. You can even get a personalised case for your tablet, if you’re happy with your current phone case, or maybe you’re feeling generous and want to create a case to give it as a gift.

Create your design

By using the simple online software, you can choose a tough, lightweight case that reflects your personality. Scroll through the options and pick your design. You might want to keep it simple with a single individual photo, or create a collage or even add a monogram. If you’re designing a case as part of a gift, you can tailor it towards the recipient, by choosing one of our designs especially for Mum, Dad or whoever you want. It’s up to you!

Creating Your Own Phone Case

Upload your photo

Uploading is easy, especially as you can choose to upload via Facebook, Instagram, your computer, or from previously uploaded photos, if you’ve used Pixa Prints before. Just choose your photo, select upload and then drag it across onto the phone case, which is shown in the centre of the page. You can edit the photo by adding clipart, rotating, changing the placement or by adding text which gives it an extra touch of personalisation.

Creating Your Own Phone Case

Ready to order

Once you are happy with the look of your phone case, you can just save your design and move onto the next step. You will be asked to login, so if you’re an existing customer just enter your login details. You can also login through Facebook if you wish, register a new account or skip it and checkout as a guest. You will be prompted one last time to check your design to make sure it’s absolutely perfect, before checking out to complete your order.

Creating Your Own Phone Case

All of our phone cases will snap easily onto your phone and will serve as a great way to protect it from those inevitable bumps and knocks. They come with a gloss finish, although if you want to personalise a tablet case, you can choose a leather option too. With phones being relied on to do more and more each day, it’s well worth making sure that yours is protected. Creating your own phone case will not only make you stand out from the crowd, it will mean that you will own a one off case that reflects your personality.

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