Big Brother 2016 Meet The Contestants Infographic

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The 2016 edition of Big Brother is underway with a brand new cast of contestants for us to love or loath. The popular show is back on Channel 5 with a brand new twist this year as their is now two houses. The main house contains 12 housemates whilst the second house contains 6 edgier characters who will watchover the main house with the ultimate goal of winning a place in the house themselves, these are known as “the others”. Each of “the others” have a link to a housemate in the main house and as these connection are made know, their is sure to be trouble to follow.

Below we have created an infographic to help you get to know each contestant a bit better. We with them all luck and hope you enjoy this years show and let us know in the comments what you think of the new format and also who your early favorite is.

Big Brother Infographic

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