New Year’s Eve in Ireland – The Best Parties Around

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When considering where to go for New Year’s Eve in Ireland, we wouldn’t blame you for automatically thinking Dublin.

The capital has all sorts to offer, including one of the biggest and best fireworks displays we’ve ever seen.

…but as everyone knows, it can get a little cramped!

If you’re looking for an alternative place to party, there are some great options out there…all of which still have the traditional music, fireworks and party atmosphere you’re looking for.


New Years Eve In Ireland The Best Parties Around

If there’s one city that ups the ante year on year, its Limerick. After being awarded City of Culture in 2014, they put on one of the biggest parties they have ever had… and since then it’s got bigger and better.

Street performers, acting community groups, singers and circus acts take to the streets, and community members hand out lanterns to everyone in the crowd.

Couple that with a fantastic midnight fireworks display with a ‘big band’ on stage and you’ve pretty much got everything you need.

Visit for more information on this year’s party.


New Years Eve In Ireland The Best Parties Around

Situated on the harbour (West Coast), Galway is fast becoming one of the party capitals Ireland.

The main town centre includes traditional Irish bars and a spectacular ‘Spanish’ quarter which has some of the finest tapas and paella this side of Madrid.

Oh, and nothing will say goodbye to 2016 more than an unbelievable firework display at the iconic Galway Bay, will it?

Galway tourism has all the information you need.


New Years Eve In Ireland The Best Parties Around

It may be the only town on the Dingle Peninsula (and a little out of the way for some of you), but believe us, it’s well worth the visit.

From 10pm you can catch a spectacular firework display over the bay from the pier and when that’s done, locals will lead you down to the ‘big bridge’ for the midnight countdown.

There’s also some cute little bars within central town which include traditional folk music, fine food and locally brewed wines and beers.

If that’s not enough, check out Trip Advisor for more information.


New Years Eve In Ireland The Best Parties Around

Kilkenny, as some of you may know, it a place like no other.

Along with the ‘Medieval Mile’ and 17th Century buildings, it also has a reputation for fine food and drink, a spectacular shopping quarter and a nightlife which would rival any big city in Europe – so you’ll never be stuck for something to do.

Come 11pm, everyone gathers around Kilkenny Castle to prepare themselves for fireworks as far as the eye can see. Spectacular views from a spectacular city.

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New Years Eve In Ireland The Best Parties Around

The city of Cork is full of friendly locals, an abundance of students and a beautiful riverside view which runs right through the centre of town.

The town centres high street is also one of the largest in Europe, and features both restaurants and bars/clubs, so there’s plenty of options around (for all ages).

Take in the views from the harbour bridge as fireworks and entertainment make it a new year’s party to remember.

Whatever you do, have an amazing time. We hope 2017 brings everything you want!

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