A Canvas Print Is The Perfect Valentine’s Day Present

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s hard to think of a thoughtful gift that hasn’t been done before. Of course, receiving flowers and chocolates is always a good thing, but this year why don’t you make your gift something more personal that shows how much you love your other half? A canvas print is a unique way of letting your Valentine know how much they mean to you, and can include many different images to suit.

If you have a favourite photo of the two of you, why not showcase it by getting it printed? Then you can hang it so it is pride of place. It means you don’t have to search for the perfect frame once you have chosen an image, a canvas is all you need. They also come in a range of sizes, so you can choose whichever one will suit the space you have pegged for it.
A Canvas Print Is The Perfect Valentine's Day Present

Romance is key on Valentine’s Day, so why not create a collage of your time together? You can include all of your memorable moments to show your story as a couple. It could be a timeline starting from when you first met up until your most recent picture. You can make it full of cherished photos or even just include the funny images that make you laugh. After all, the aim is to hang it somewhere where you will see it all of the time and be reminded of all of the special moments you share, romantic or not.

You could always include photos to spell out a word. A photo canvas doesn’t always mean that you have to include a photo of a smiling couple, you could use it to send a message or simply to say ‘I love you’. If you both share a favourite song or quote, you could get the words printed to show how much they mean to you, or getting both of your initials printed could be an artier way of proclaiming your love.
A Canvas Print Is The Perfect Valentine's Day Present

Memorable places always make a great photo. It could be where you first met, your first house together or even an unforgettable moment from your travels. Choosing a photo that has a significant meaning to you both is a subtle yet thoughtful way of showing how much you care.

Of course, who says Valentine’s Day is just to show off your love for your partner? Why not show your best friend how much you appreciate them by getting a canvas of the two of you. Even photos of the children would make a thoughtful gift to the grandparents. Valentine’s Day is about love and appreciation, there’s no rule about who you should show that too. After all, everyone loves to know how much they are cherished!

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